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Loop Pile

In a loop pile carpet the yarn forms loops on the surface of the carpet, either in uniform height, creating a level loop pile, or with differing heights creating a textured loop pile. Variations include a rustic tweed style loop known as a Berber which contains highlight flecks. Wool loops are a popular alternative to coir and sisal matting because they have the added comfort, warmth and durability of natural wool. The texture of this style of carpet can replicate a natural look in carpeting. This product is normally associated with wool blends but can be obtained in synthetic fibre for a more multi-purpose and cleanable product. Due to the weave it is often necessary to be careful which type of vacuum cleaner you use as brushing rotating types can cause a shedding of the fibres known as pilling effecting the surface of the carpet. This generally only effects carpets with a high wool content. A benefit with loop pile weaves can be no shading or footprinting marks as the top pile has no movement. However one disadvantage is this type of carpet can provide a great scratching type texture for pets so if you have a dog or especially a cat it is best to consider if they are likely to claw causing the loops to break and leaving you with a very unsightly area of carpet.