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Twist Pile

A twist pile carpet is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted and set to form a pile with a slightly textured surface. Twist piles are produced in both plain and heather colours (Heathers are created using a combination of complementary coloured fibres to obtain a tonal effect).

Practical, hard-wearing twist pile carpets are firmer to the touch than velvets, and offer greater resistance to foot imprints. Whether you are matching bold, bright colours or soft, subtle shades, twist piles are unsurpassed in their richness of colours, and are eminently suitable for complementing modern fabrics, paints, and wall hangings.

This style of carpet is probably the most popular choice of carpet as it can be very practical in heavy wear areas and offer a reduction  in the effect of shading. The fibre used is generally a wool heavy mix of fibres which is not the most practical for spillage resistance, for this it is worth considering a synthetic option with the added benefits of additional resistance to soiling and staining built into the yarn and even in a number of cases this resistance is so high a solution of bleach can be used to clean the product.

Our display stands indicate when a supplier is using a 2 ply yarn this is an indication that the performance, quality and grade of spinning used in production of the carpet. As with all of our products this selection of carpeting has its own section on the ground floor of the building to help you view all possible alternatives and select the right product to suit your needs.